Capable to Promise

Quick Convert Quote to Order
Automated Labor & Materials Pricing

Turn your complicated spreadsheets into an intuitive, dynamic process that's repeatable and shareable across the organization.

Improved Margins

Quoting through a software platform vs. Excel helps an estimating team quote systematically, so that multiple individuals can all land on the same costs. It also allows individuals working in different locations to create, edit, and track quotes to ensure they are not sitting idle. This efficiency improvement leads to a lower cost of sale, and thus higher margins.

Higher Deal Close Rates

A lot of manufacturers complain that their quoting process is too time-consuming, especially when a handful of jobs never turn into orders. By automating the administrative portion of quoting, businesses are able to increase conversion rates.

Actual Lead Time Estimates

For smoother operations and increased customer satisfaction. Good customers are the lifeline of a business - a quoting platform that takes production capacity into account will provide your customers with more accurate leads times, leading to a more trusting and profitable relationship.

Not winning enough work?

There may be an underlying issue with your quoting process that you’ve been overlooking. Whether it’s because your process takes too long, or your pricing is too high, Fulcrum gives you the tools to drive more business and opportunity to the shop.

RFQ process too time-consuming?

Fulcrum syncs with your e-mail platform to automate the RFQ process. Send and track RFQs directly through the platform, and once vendors are selected allow Fulcrum to automatically add costs to the quote.

Using a cost-plus model?

Cost plus models hold organizations back from capturing available profit per job. Fulcrum helps guide you to market value pricing to ensure you’re keeping up with market volatility to ensure you’re always winning good, profitable work.

You took our whole workflow and made it so simple. I can't tell you how happy I am.


I've never worked at any other company that had software as good as this.


It's actually quite spooky that there are no workarounds in this system.