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Look beyond Global Shop ERP. Join the modern sheet metal fabricators who are done with the ERP complacency. Upgrade to modern tech with Fulcrum.

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At last, one-click accurate scheduling

Fulcrum's AI-powered Autoschedule creates your shop's optimal schedule, utilizing live data on capabilities, constraints, and priorities.

Hot job? Machine down? Just click "Reschedule" and the shop is back on track.
Smarter shop scheduling

Live data powers operations

Job Tracking sends schedule revisions right to the shop floor, ensuring your team is always focused on the most urgent tasks. And live progress and tracking pumps back into the rest of Fulcrum. Finally, connected shop management software that benefits everyone on the team.
Powerful tracking of every job
Legacy ERP
Old Software
Old tech
Built in the '80s, and it shows in the slow, clunky interface. You might be familiar with the user experience, but it takes new operators and managers way too long to get up to speed.
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Always driving your growth
Intuitively designed for smooth, quick work. Constant improvements built on customer goals, delivering a fresh approach to managing shop processes.
Old Software
Massive, overwhelming implementation process. Annual training events that take valuable time away from the shop.
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Smart, Real Support
Internal software and integration experts bring you from implementation to long-term success, all included. No generalized training events, just intelligent, individual support focused on your value.
Old Software
Module by Module
Separate "applications" for each part of your shop and each part of your process.
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Truly Connected Shop
Live data connected across your entire shop, visible in one place for operators and managers. The metrics that matter, all in one place.
Old Software
Restricted integrations and a cumbersome API. Extra fees for every feature. Attempting to do it all, excelling in nothing.
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Optimizing manufacturing while effortlessly incorporating your accounting, shipping, and other software. Current technology featuring an open API that empowers you to establish a fully interconnected technology stack.

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