Reporting & Live Dashboards

Do more with what you have

Don't wait for production meetings to spot problems. Get a bird's eye view of your shop, every minute of every day.

Get live data in fulcrum

Know what’s happening at all times — no surprises

Watch operations progress based on estimated time and see when equipment is running, paused, or ready for work. Filter options show what’s late or over estimate.
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Real Time Personnel screen in Fulcrum

Know exactly who is working on what

Real Time Personnel shows you who is active, what they are working on, and the status of those jobs.
See operator & machinist view

Turn live data into action

Working with yesterday’s news?

Manually pulling reports means your information is never truly up-to-date. Fulcrum brings live data to manufacturing, giving everyone from machinists to purchasers to owners insights they’ve never had.

Operations taking longer than expected?

Easily see when an operation is over an estimate. Real Time Operations and Personnel help you identify trends to know where you need to adjust estimates or invest in training your team.

Hard to answer customers asking, “where’s my order?”

It’s never been easier to see job progress. Whether on the Sales Order page, on the job itself, or in Real Time Operations, you can see exactly where a job is at in the production process and who is working on it.

Looking to manipulate data outside of Fulcrum?

It's effortless to export data as a .csv file from any section of Fulcrum, and then use it to create reports for analysis or presentations. All you need to do is click the "download data" button, and you're ready to go.

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