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Old Software
Old Software
Customer "Service"
Indirect ticketing systems are handled by entry level staff, requiring escalation to gain access to actual engineers. Surprise costs and delays.
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Real, Human
Your Fulcrum team of process, software, and integration experts never leaves your side from implementation to long-term success. Support is included in your subscription, no surprises.
Emily Ujifusa, product manager at Fulcrum
Emily, Product
Annika Cederblad, Software Engineer at Fulcrum
Annika, Developer
Brady Kovarik, Fulcrum Launch Manager
Brady, Launch
Old Software
Pay per User
Your costs go up every time you add an employee or a user. You're tempted to have your team share passwords or not use the system at all, leaving your data full of holes.
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Unlimited User Pricing
More users means more data and better decisions. Get your whole team in Fulcrum to move smarter and faster with no incremental nickels or dimes.
Shop Floor
Old Software
! Buy a server.
! Buy an operating system.
! Buy a database.
! Upgrade the server.
! Pay for IT support.
! Patch everything.
! Do it again every 5 years.
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Secure & Compliant
Secure, ITAR compliant, CMMC 2.0 ready, quickly deployed, no servers to buy or set up, no need to maintain or update it yourself. Built to keep up with your growth.
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Old Software
*** Too disconnected, overly complex, and expensive to adapt to your changing needs.

*** Built to provide more billable hours for consultants.
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Specialized in manufacturing, designed to connect to accounting, shipping, and much more. Built to let you work your way, only better.
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Old Software
Retro spinning wheel for buffering, coined as the "spinning wheel of doom."
Legacy systems were architected in the 1980s and duct-taped for the last 30 years.
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Every time new technology has come to manufacturing, those who adopt it early are rewarded. Any sufficiently new technology feels like magic. We deliver that magic week after week.
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