Shipping & Receiving

Start and finish strong with easy, connected warehouse tools

Shipping list shows ready, late, on time, and shipped orders

Speed up the loading dock and keep your teams in sync with production.

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receiving teams print labels for orders

Get to work faster with easy, digital material check-in

Print labels and check materials into inventory directly from the loading dock. Without missing a beat, get the materials to where they are needed so jobs can start ASAP.
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issue with vendor order notification for receiving and purchasing teams

Instantly collaborate with purchasing

Give receiving and purchasing a platform to stay aligned on the status of deliveries, vendor issues, and quality concerns. See trends and make better future purchasing decisions with aggregated live data across sales orders, jobs, inventory, and more.
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shipping to-do list

Know what to ship, and when to ship it

Smart shipping logic ensures the highest priority orders are addressed first, and a live connection to job tracking means you’ll know the instant a job is done and ready to ship. As orders ship, they’ll show up in real time to your accounting team to be invoiced. Everyone's in sync.
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list of previous shipments

More than just shipping and receiving records

Understand bottlenecks and remove obstacles by seeing the details of everything entering and leaving your shop. With connected shipping and receiving, easily attach photos, add notes, see timestamps, and flag problems on any shipment.

Rethink your warehouse

Losing track of where materials are located in the shop?

Fulcrum makes it easy to receive items and get them to where they need to be. Scan and label materials for a digital record, then associate jobs, manage inventory, and empower operators to work smarter.

Finished work sitting idly on
the floor?

Fulcrum’s shipping module pulls data directly from the shop floor, so items show as ready to be shipped as soon as they’re marked complete in Job Tracking. Stop wondering what's ready and just ship it.

Having trouble tracing the source data of your raw materials?

When an item is received in, Fulcrum allows for full traceability of the material throughout production. Easily generate lot numbers and add raw material certificates, photos, notes, and timestamps to the item lot at receiving.

Feel like shipping and billing aren't on the same page, ever?

Shipping data is always synced with invoicing in Fulcrum, so your finance team stays in the know with live information. As soon as an order leaves the shop, accounting can see the status change and they are prompted to invoice for that shipment or order.

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