Looking for a modern ProShop ERP alternative?

Why have so many metal fabricators switched to Fulcrum? The difference is clear.

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Old tech
Rigid file management, 1990's software design, sporadic updates, and a steep learning curve.
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Rapidly growing
Next-generation technology that feels like magic, with weekly upgrades and enhancements included. Built on customer feedback and a fresh approach to managing your specific manufacturing processes.
Implementation follows a preset cookie-cutter process, then a pool of different people for support after implementation.
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Your fulcrum team
Internal software and integration experts by your side from implementation to long-term success, all included in your subscription. No billable hours. Support measured by the improvements that matter to you.
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Rigid Workflows, Confusing Quality
Inflexible reporting, awkward workflows, and hard to find files make your whole team have to relearn even the most fundamental processes.
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High quality, seamless work
Fulcrum is focused just on manufacturing. It's big and important enough. Our mission is to dig deep and create a connected network that helps decentralized manufacturing stay at the forefront of how things get made. Forever and always.
On a mission
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Take the hassle out of quality audits

Your team records NCR, CAPA, and on-time delivery data and more in real-time. Dig into specific parts, jobs, or vendors instantly, or export a configured report. Reimagine what your QMS can do.

In-process checkpoints that don't slow you down

Pre- and post-check guidance for operators in a simple interface means better data. Get alerts when a part is out of tolerance and know what checkpoints could be bottlenecks.
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NCRs and CAPAs aren’t just a module or report, they’re built into your workflow

Streamline NCR, CAPA, and Scrap reporting to spot trends in real time. Dig into root causes and summarize by customer, team member, equipment, cause, and more.

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