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The advent of software was first applied to manufacturing. In fact, in 1989, 34% of all software was manufacturing operating systems (ERPs). Since then, technology has advanced, a global supply chain has emerged, production has gotten faster, more products, more personalization, faster innovation, all made possible by big brands focusing on design, allowing a nimble network of skilled shops to do the heavy lifting. The only thing that hasn't changed is the software they operate on. Fulcrum is solving these problems, and we’re assembling a world-class team to make a world-changing impact.

We're building a platform that's open and connectable, filled with modern technology and designed to grow with new innovations, not be afraid of them. We are building a future where craftsmen can stay competitive and preserve the power of their expertise. Learn more about our teams, our approach, and how you might fit in:

11%monthly growth
$21.9m VC2020/2021
2,767,876slack messages


The discipline of software engineering is a core function of Fulcrum and the team below embodies the Better, Different, Always mentality in code every day. Building on their experiences in media, finance, life sciences, the space program and beyond, the engineering crew at Fulcrum would love to add some more bright minds.

Jon Gregorowicz
Ryan Herbert
Ryan Bakken
Sasa Stojkovic
Pete Franco
Paul McGuirk
Liam McCartney
Tim Pacius
Craig Felton
James Santiago
Stefanie Nussbaum
Hansen Zhang
Travis Higgs
Matthew Killian
Josh Kraker
Taylor Soulis
Eve McClun
Valerie Huang
Roman Gurovich
Malfy Das
David Pinner


Operations at Fulcrum is the heartbeat of the company. What makes this group think Better, Different, Always is their fixation on making sure Fulcrum delivers more scalable value to the customer. As we charge forward as a company, Operations will help us stay both customer-obsessed and future-focused. If that sounds like a challenge you’re up for, let’s talk.

Sunny Han
Ashley Schwartz
Kelan Anzures
Kiera Coonan
Stefanie Buxton
Damien Taylor


We won't achieve our mission of building a connected manufacturing production system that changes the world without a product that is truly reimagined from the core principles. By applying the Better, Different, Always mentality to a product solution that is unlike any other, we will succeed. If challenging the status quo and being challenged daily by your peers and customers sounds like the right quest for you, let’s talk about your future at Fulcrum.

Robert Vanderhoef
Alex Troesch
Annika Cederblad
Kelsey Stimson
Katherine Gorey
Jonathan Coyne
Anna Erickson
Sabrina Baseman
Betzi Nimeth
Liz Derby
Jen Young
Nicole Bridgland
Quinn Anderson
Emily Ujifusa
Mike Meck
Sarah Herbeck
Haley Giz Alvarez
Autumn Standing
Joe Lewis
Richard Bero
Payton Arnold
Brady Kovarik
Syed Razzaque
Dan Morrissey


Changing manufacturing for the better means winning the hearts and minds of as many customers as possible. Growth at Fulcrum believes that Better, Different, Always experiences and outcomes for prospective and current customers is the only way to grow. We’re speeding forward, and if you’re ready to hop on board, put your hat in the ring and let’s connect.

Jessica Chimerakis
Tyler Buxton
Dylan Kocken
Nick Wassenberg
Hannah Jansen
TJ Moore
Carter Roskam
Carolyn Ring
Josiah Bondy
Charlie Gondeck
Samantha Becker
Gregg Leggott
Luc Snuggerud
Ashley Houston
Adele Wilson
Bennett Johnson
Aaron Mends
Grant Besse
Bre Thorne
Chase Coley
Shay Ames
Abby Vagle
Alexis Alexander


Who we are is defined by our people and how we work. We value doing things differently, getting to the core principles to make decisions, always striving for better. If you find fulfillment in enduring the crucible of growth to do amazing things, in solving meaningful problems, in having the autonomy to learn and understand the full problem, and if you enjoy solving complex problems with simple solutions, we’d love to speak with you about joining our team.

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  • Unlimited vacation policy with minimum required vacation days.
  • Cell phone plan coverage.
  • Flexible working hours.