Automated Production Scheduling

Finally, a schedule that can keep up with you

Make late jobs a thing of the past. Automatic scheduling calculated just for you, in seconds.

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Here's how it works:

Shift days and times

Equipment capabilities

Job equipment specifications

Order of operations


Operation time estimates

It all starts with your shop’s capabilities

The algorithm gathers data from across your business and factors in your shop’s constraints like shifts, equipment, and operations to get the most work out the door on time.
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It adjusts in real time as new data flows in

The schedule will automatically adjust as new orders come in and priorities shift.

Modify it for the perfect fit

After the algorithm generates your schedule, make manual adjustments using the drag and drop functionality.
Scheduler to Job Tracker

Updates hit the shop floor, instantly

Operators see changes to the schedule instantly in the job tracker so they’re all in the loop without you leaving your chair.
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Fulcrum helps you visualize your backlog

Visualize your workload

See your backlog by department or equipment and identify opportunities for growth.

Reimagine how you schedule

Constantly shuffling your schedule?

Fulcrum’s Automated Production Scheduling allows you to adjust orders and manage capacity on the fly. Performing fast what-if scenarios lets you see how downstream operations/jobs are impacted, and what costs might be associated.

Not getting work out the door on time?

Sales typically doesn’t have a true understanding of what’s happening in production. Fulcrum uses current and upcoming capacity to suggest accurate delivery dates, keeping customers happy.

Paying out too much overtime?

Use Fulcrum to create the most efficient schedule possible to increase on-time deliveries in your shop – all while reducing overtime.

Too much WIP around the shop?

Fulcrum allows for pre-defined rules to be programmed into the auto-scheduler to batch orders, minimize changeovers, etc. to reduce the amount of WIP in the shop, while increasing overall throughput.

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