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Clarity you’ve been craving. See future demand and create jobs for the products you make, all in one place.

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Critical production data calculated instantly

Use the inventory timeline to understand demand over time and pinpoint problems. Project on hand amounts updated live based on new orders or jobs, changing dates on the schedule, and more.
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Stay on track with a priority dashboard

Create and manage jobs directly from this prioritized list. Never miss an order with a dashboard of supply levels that are below minimums, or jobs that won’t be done in time for the orders that rely on them.
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Releasing jobs has never been this easy

Easily adjust jobs from this page before they go out. Fine tune recommendations based on batch sizes and minimums. Approve and Schedule with just one click. Release multiple jobs at once.
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Easier production management

Organizing with spreadsheets, calculators, and emails to know what to produce?

There are a lot of moving pieces that go into production needs. With Demand Planning, you stay up to date with any changes to order quantities, dates, or priority levels - so you’re always looking at current data to be confident on what you need to make, when, and why.

Would a connection between production and purchasing save you some post-its?

Demand Planning gives you updated information about what products you need to make, and when. This production data flows constantly to Purchasing Planning, meaning that purchasers are immediately updated about any changes to material needs. Live updates here means fewer trips down the hall.

Difficult to know which work is most important?

Use the Timing Issue KPI to filter for trouble areas, where an item isn’t expected to be ready on time for something that depends on it. Use High Priority to see items that are needed for high priority jobs or orders.

Mixing custom orders with jobs made to stock?

Set an item to always make it to stock, or create one-off jobs directly from sales orders. Or do both. You have flexibility when controlling your production, and Demand Planning captures it all. Jobs and inventory related to anything you can make roll up here.

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