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A digital traveler to empower operators and track WIP

Job Tracking lets you see live job progress from anywhere, at any time. Paper travelers can't do that.

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Hardware, meet software.
Easily identify and label materials in the shop.

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Too many meetings to get everybody on the same page?

Your team is busy and holding multiple meetings costs you a lot of valuable time, especially when you’re reviewing items line-by-line. Fulcrum lets you search for any job, understand where it’s at in the production process, who’s working on the job, and when it’s projected to be completed.

Can’t instantly reply to customers?

Fulcrum gives employees a live look at what’s happening on the shop floor and a clear understanding of when jobs are projected to be completed so that they can provide customer updates immediately.

Don’t know if jobs are running faster/slower than anticipated?

Operators work at different speeds, and jobs often run faster/slower than times that were originally quoted. Fulcrum uses real-time data tracking to allow users in any location to see where jobs are currently stationed in the production process.

Unfinished work sitting idly in the shop?

Jobs can get held up and sit around in the production process when operators don’t have a clear understanding of where the job needs to go next. Fulcrum clearly displays the next step in the routing, and gives operators the ability to close out and reassign jobs, alerting the next individual in the process.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of files can I attach?

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There are many! Chances are we support your file upload needs unless it's very rare.

Here's a list of the 3D rendering attachments you can upload: .3dm, .3ds, .a, .asm, .axm, .brd, .catpart, .catproduct, .cgr, .collaboration, .dae, .ddx, .ddz, .dgk, .dgn, .dlv3, .dmt, .dwf, .dwfx, .dwg, .dwt, .dxf, .emodel, .exp, .f3d, .fbrd, .fbx, .fsch, .g, .gbxml, .glb, .gltf, .iam, .idw, .ifc, .ige, .iges, .igs, .ipt, .iwm, .jt, .max, .model, .mpf, .msr, .neu, .nwc, .nwd, .obj, .osb, .par, .pmlprj, .pmlprjz, .prt, .psm, .psmodel, .rvt, .sab, .sat, .sch, .session, .skp, .sldasm, .sldprt, .smb, .smt, .ste, .step, .stl, .stla, .stlb, .stp, .stpz, .vpb, .vue, .wire, .x_b, .x_t, .xas, and .xpr.

Many other common file types like .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .png are accepted as well. If you don't see yours and want to check if it can be attached, reach out to sales and ask.

Can operators create quality documents like non-conformance reports (NCRs)?

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Yes! Easily create NCRs right from Job Tracking, automatically populating the operation, work center, department, scheduled equipment, job, associated sales orders and customers, and the quantity made. You also can set up custom in-process checkpoints for operators to record QA reviews, tolerances, and more — all of this information sends directly to the Job.

What kind of data can I pull from Job Tracking?

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Job Tracking automatically records machine time, setup time, labor time, scrap number and reason, picking inventory adjustments, custom in-process checkpoints and fields, and notes on the job. All of these details are accessible from the system.

Can I use Job Tracking on a computer, tablet, or mobile device?

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Fulcrum is entirely browser-based, so you can use it on any device. However, we do have specific tablets we recommend that we consider most when developing the tool. We'll review the recommendations in the implementation process, but if you can't wait, reach out to sales.

Why is live data so important for manufacturers?

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Live data allows manufacturers to make timely and informed decisions about their operations. With Fulcrum's live data, manufacturers can monitor their production processes, track inventory levels, and identify potential problems before they become more significant issues. This can help manufacturers improve their efficiency, reduce waste, and respond quickly to changes in customer demand and supply chain disruptions.

This seems like a big change. How can I be sure my operators will use this?

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We've heard this concern from many manufacturers. We developed Job Tracking to be extremely intuitive for operators, but changes in how you run your shop always require some adjustment. What we've found is that there are more pros than cons when you use it as a tool to help your team get better and learn new things. If you find a team member keeps missing deadlines on the lathe or other operation, you can step in and provide additional support on that particular machine. When a machinist beats the estimates, you can reward them for their extra hard work. Every shop will be motivated differently, but having better insight into the needs of your team is beneficial for everyone.

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