Quality Control & ISO 9001

Achieve your quality goals (Yes, all of them)

Continuously improve customer satisfaction while reducing waste, defects, and costs.

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Fulcrum makes it easy to track and document quality data from all aspects of your business.

Prevent problems before they start

Statistical process control alerts operators as they begin to drift out of tolerance allowing them to course correct and reduce waste. Pre and post checks ensure no detail is missed.
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Easily and accurately trace materials

Lot control allows for full traceability of both raw materials and the products you make. Raw material certs tie to lots and are automatically rolled up on your jobs as materials are picked. Create CoCs for your products and quickly send all documentation to your customer.
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Address non-conformance issues seamlessly

Statuses and tasks for NCRs and CAPAs streamline the workflow for your quality team so nothing is missed. Operators flag non-conformances directly from the job tracker, so quality managers always have a live view of compliance issues needing their attention.
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Quickly identify and take action on trends

Spot areas for improvement with non-conformity reporting and drill into issues with scrap heatmaps. Use real data to identify risks and opportunities and inform your plans for continuous improvement.
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All the audit data you need in one place

Easily and quickly retrieve your ISO data in seconds and be audit ready, always. Export NCR, CAPA, on-time delivery, vendor issue data and more based on the needs of your quality management system.

Reimagine how you think about quality

Are you entering measurements into a system retroactively?

If you’re taking measurements during production and writing them on paper or spreadsheets, only to be entered into a system later, you’re taking a costly risk. Fulcrum takes a proactive approach, graphing your measurements in real-time to visually ensure that you are within tolerances.

Difficulty maintaining ISO 9001 or AS9100 compliance?

Fulcrum fully supports the requirements outlined in the ISO 9001 and AS9100 process. Our software is customizable to gather exactly what data you need, which can then be extracted into clean reports for either customers or certification audits/renewals.

Is it difficult to digitize and file all required documentation?

Storing pictures, documents, and reports to ensure process compliance can quickly turn into a headache. With Fulcrum you can easily upload documents and pictures straight from your digital files, phone, or tablet.

Storing documents in a variety of locations?

It’s not easy storing corrective and preventative action reports, non-conformance reports, production part approval process forms, and other audit management documentation in Excel, Access, etc. Fulcrum provides a streamlined documentation process with easy search and reporting.

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