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“I had JobBOSS, but it ended up being a mess and security ended up not being compliant with what they told us.”
/r/CNC member
“FulcrumPro creates an excellent solution for paperless shop floor management.”
Machine Shop on G2
“The UI is extremely intuitive and user friendly. The job scheduling functionality is outstanding.”
/r/manufacturing member
“Implementation is easily the best part of Fulcrum compared to other MRPs which just leave you to figure it out yourself.”
Motorbike Manufacturer on G2

Update the schedule with one click

Fulcrum’s Autoschedule considers your shop’s capabilities and constraints like shifts, operations, and equipment, and creates the best schedule. And if priorities change, just click "Reschedule."
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Paper is dead,
data is live

Updates to the schedule immediately hit the shop floor through Job Tracking, so you can be sure your team is always working on the hottest jobs. Shop management software has never been this helpful.
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Legacy ERP
Old Software
Pay per User
More people, more costs. You're tempted to have your team share logins or skip using the system altogether, leaving data full of holes.
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Unlimited User Pricing
More users, more quality data to work with. The whole team uses Fulcrum at no additional cost to you — a new pricing model for a new generation of manufacturing.
Old Software
Old tech
New names and color schemes, same out-of-date software mashed together since the '80s. Poor user interface and experience.
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Rapidly growing
Next-generation technology that feels like magic, with weekly upgrades and enhancements at no additional cost. Built on customer feedback and a fresh approach to managing manufacturing shop processes.
Old Software
Limited integrations and clunky API. Additional charges for everything. Trying to do everything, mastering nothing.
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Mastering manufacturing and seamlessly integrating with your accounting, shipping, and other software. Built on tech from 2023 with an open API that lets you create a connected tech stack.
Old Software
Bad support, billed hourly, but needed just to get the system up and running. Slow ticketing systems. And constant training needed.
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Real, Human
Internal software and integration experts bring you from implementation to long-term success, all included in your subscription. No billable hours, just intelligent support measured by your success.

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