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Maintain your accounting platform and leverage a timely connection between finance and production. Connect your most critical workflows seamlessly and reimagine what’s possible with software.
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Unpaid invoices for multiple manufacturing customers in Fulcrum.

Accelerate your cash conversion cycle

Drill into unissued or unpaid invoices to see which customers have outstanding bills and take action on the highest priorities. Filters in Fulcrum help you and your sales team stay in control of invoicing and get paid fast.
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Create and issue invoices seamlessly

Invoices auto-populate with key information from sales orders, skipping tedious and error-prone manual entry. Download, print, and email invoices with a click.
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Know what’s ordered and what it cost

Start transactions right with real-time purchase orders summarized at a glance.
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Make month-end accounting a breeze with key reports

Use the live data from Fulcrum to get accurate, clear information on uninvoiced shipments, cost of goods sold, invoice data, current inventory, and work in progress.

Less stress, more clarity

Inventory valuation too complex to be confident about?

Knowing your true cost of goods sold depends on the accuracy of inventory valuations. Fulcrum’s smooth connection between purchase orders and sales orders tracks upcoming jobs, WIP, shipping and receiving, and customer-supplied materials for one source of truth.

Not sure if current or upcoming production is profitable?

With all of the components involved in every job, it can be tricky to know if what's on the floor will be profitable. Fulcrum’s seamless quoting and job costing ensures visibility to margins at every step of production.

Concerned about cash flow?

Juggling invoices from all your customers and jobs creates a cash flow picture that is hard to be certain of. Fulcrum creates and issues accurate invoices, change statuses, and syncs to your accounting platform to make your inbound cash picture clear in a moment.

Changing raw materials and labor markets have you on edge?

Fluctuating costs can mean the difference between profits and losses, so Fulcrum’s clear view of profitability at every stage of production puts you at ease, knowing what’s working and what needs to change.

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Frequently asked questions

What accounting systems work best with Fulcrum?

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Fulcrum connects to best-in-class accounting software. Check our integrations out here. The most common Fulcrum accounting integration is with QuickBooks Online.

How does sales data get tracked in Fulcrum?

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Sales data starts at the quote with margin and cost details that flow to the sales order. Expected costs and margins update live; sales order shows you values at a glance, providing an idea of expected costs and margins at the time of sale. Once jobs are released to the floor you can begin to see how actual costs are tracking compared to what was expected. At the end of a job you'll know exactly where you came in relative to what was expected at the time of sale and you can make adjustments as needed going forward to be sure you're always on top of your margins.

The sales data also flows through the system to invoicing, where you are automatically prompted to invoice based on the data entered on the order.

How do I sync my accounting system to Fulcrum?

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Our Launch team will work closely with you to help setup your accounting system integration. Book a demo to learn more about our personalized support for a great start!

What financial reporting is available in Fulcrum?

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Summaries are available in month-end accounting reports, where you can download accounting documents like Cost of Goods Sold and Year to Date Invoice Data. In addition to the filterable KPIs at the top of grids that show you the most important high level data, you can download grids to get an in-the-moment summary of any sales or financial data that you need.

Why is live data so important for manufacturers?

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Your customers' trust is important. Live data means you can trust your numbers, making it even easier for your customers to trust you.

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