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Share your invoices, purchase orders, and more with Fulcrum's manufacturing software that integrates with QuickBooks Online.

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Skip duplicate entry and keep your teams on the same page. Fulcrum sends critical data points to QuickBooks Online.

invoices in fulcrum automatically sync to quickbooks online

Sync invoices and purchase orders

Sync POs and Invoices in real-time, record taxes as line items, and customize Invoice or PO numbers as well as descriptions.
custom fields for quickbooks online and fulcrum

Create custom fields

Send the associated Job, Customer PO, Sales Order, or Invoice numbers to QuickBooks Online as custom fields.
accounting codes in fulcrum become prodcut-service fields in QuickBooks Online

Little big details

Record shipping charges as line items and set up payment terms and Accounting Codes that become Product/Service fields in QuickBooks Online.
Fulcrum's invoicing grid shows unpaid invoices and their value

Convert to cash, faster

Easily see the value of unissued and unpaid invoices, and take action to convert outstanding invoices to cash.
Fulcrum's month-end accounting reports are downloadable

Easy month-end accounting

One-click downloads for Uninvoiced Shipments, Cost of Goods Sold, Year to Date Invoice Data, Current Inventory, Work In Progress reports.
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Frequently asked questions...

What benefits can I expect from integrating QuickBooks with an ERP system?

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Integrating QuickBooks with Fulcrum's ERP system offers several benefits, including:

- Real-time financial data synchronization between the two systems
- Streamlined business processes and increased productivity
- Reduced manual data entry and associated errors
- Better visibility into your financials for informed decision-making
- Improved collaboration between teams and departments
- Enhanced reporting capabilities and insights

How secure is the data transfer between my ERP system and Quickbooks Online?

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Fulcrum takes data security seriously and uses industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure the secure transfer of data between your ERP system and QuickBooks Online. If your business needs to follow ITAR regulations or remain ISO 9001 compliant, you can rest assured your Fulcrum and QuickBooks Online integration meets all of the requirements.

How long does it take to set up an ERP integration?

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Setting up an ERP integration between Fulcrum and QuickBooks Online can take a few hours to a few days, depending on how your QuickBooks Online account is set up. Your Launch manager works closely with you during the Launch process to ensure a smooth integration process.

Is QuickBooks an ERP system?

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QuickBooks is not an ERP system. QuickBooks is an accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses to manage their financial transactions, invoicing, expense tracking, and reporting. While QuickBooks does offer some features beyond accounting, such as basic inventory management and payroll, it does not possess the full range of functionality found in a comprehensive ERP system.

What is an QuickBooks ERP integration?

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Integrating ERP systems with QuickBooks Online helps you skip the manual transfer of two identical data points between the systems, giving your teams the same live and accurate financial and accounting visibility. Reduce data entry errors. Increase productivity.

Does Fulcrum integrate with QuickBooks Desktop?

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Yes, Fulcrum can also integrate with QuickBooks Desktop. Send purchase orders, invoices, bills, receipts, and customers and vendors from Fulcrum to QuickBooks Desktop automatically. To learn more about this integration, talk to sales.

How do I troubleshoot issues that may arise during the integration process?

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Fulcrum displays error notifications across the platform if a sync fails. If other issues arrive, our launch and success teams are available to help identify and fix issues at no cost to you.

What other software does Fulcrum integrate with?

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To see a more comprehensive list of integrations, explore our Integrations page. And if you don't see one you're interested in, reach out! We're always looking for the best software to integrate with Fulcrum.