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Leave MRPeasy behind for software that’s designed to help your shop grow and thrive. Join the modern fabricators making the switch to Fulcrum manufacturing cloud.

Grow without limitations
Submit the ticket. Join the queue. Wait on hold. Check the user manual.
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Real, human
Fulcrum’s team of experts is here for you every step of the way — from your dedicated launch manager to a success manager assigned to your account, all included in your subscription.
Limiting tech
Only works for a specific workflow. Complicated process? Forget about it.
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Unlimited potential
Fulcrum helps you manage everything, from simple production steps to complex multi-level BOMs, sub-assemblies, and multiple locations. We're built to grow with you.
Complicated pricing tiers. Additional charges for users. Feature-based pricing. Upgrade to receive new features.
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Have it all
With Fulcrum, everything’s included. We offer straightforward pricing because you’ll get the most value when your full team is using Fulcrum.
Holds you back
Maybe this worked when you were just starting out, but it stopped growing.
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Grows with you
Fulcrum is designed to grow with your business, add users and new equipment as your shop grows with the click of a button. We'll never limit your shop's growth because we believe in the future of manufacturing.

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In case you're wondering...

MRPeasy integrates with [insert software name here], does Fulcrum?

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Fulcrum has a full suite of native integrations for accounting, CRM, and more. Check out our integrations page. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Talk with our team. We’re always working to build additional integrations.

MRPeasy has different editions at different pricing, does Fulcrum have different pricing tiers?

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With Fulcrum, everything is included — we don’t charge you for a number of seats or with tier based pricing. We know that to get the most out of Fulcrum, everyone in your shop needs to be using it so we’ll never nickel and dime you on users. All of our modules are included and you’ll always have access to our weekly releases.

MRPeasy offers a free trial — can I see Fulcrum before I buy it?

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While we don’t offer a trial of Fulcrum yet, our team will put together a customized demo for you or you can check out our self-guided tour.

With MRPeasy, I have to submit a ticket for support… how will Fulcrum support me?

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Once you’re a Fulcrum customer, our launch and customer success teams will be there to support you. You’ll have a dedicated person to guide you through the launch and then check in with you regularly once your shop is live in Fulcrum. If issues come up, you’ll always know exactly who to contact.