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Use live inventory to power your shop

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Automatic updates on materials received, used, made, or shipped show up everywhere, in real time.

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Transaction Grid

Track inventory from the loading dock to the shop floor

See a detailed view of changes at all times on the item’s page or inventory transactions grid. Know when, where, and why something was used or produced.
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Expected supply grid

Know how much you have, where it is, and what it’s worth

Take away the guesswork of where your inventory is with real-time transaction data from the moment an item is received to being used in production to shipping.
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Purchasing planning grid

Live inventory data feeds purchasing and production recommendations

Intelligent inventory with live transactions keeps your purchasing and production teams in the know on what’s needed and when.
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Certifications grid

Keep track of what matters

Fulcrum can help you manage lots and material certifications. With auto-generated lot numbers, you can always trace back your materials used. With material certifications uploaded upon receipt, you’ll have the records always stored with the item data.
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Take the stress out of stock take

Nobody looks forward to cycle counts, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Quickly download your inventory details and upload with updated counts and values - we’ll do the work for you.
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