Purchasing Planning

Purchase what you need exactly when you need it

Simplify purchasing with live recommendations calculated from on-hand, existing orders, and future demand.

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Purchasing to-do list

The most actionable to-do list you've ever had

Create purchase orders directly from a live, prioritized list without ever grabbing a price list.
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Order accordingly with estimates and actuals always in view

We give you a look into future production runs as well as previous purchasing records because historical data gives more accurate insights for planning ahead.
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Purchasing vendors view

Quickly assign, swap, or add new vendors for cost-effective ordering

You get ultimate flexibility with adding or changing vendors during the purchasing process for optimal pricing and efficient ordering.

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Rethink how you purchase

Trying to stay ahead?

Purchasing Planning will give recommendations to buy based on on-hand inventory, ordered quantities, and future demand. Instead of wrestling with spreadsheets, now you can see bottlenecks before they happen to make production unstoppable.

Don’t know when to purchase?

When your shop is busy, it can feel overwhelming to manage purchasing materials so that you have what you need when you need it. With Fulcrum, you can store and manage vendor lead times which helps with recommendations on when you should buy. 

Don't know how much to buy?

Always trying to track down that last purchase order? We’ve made it easy to set minimum stock quantities and take into account your shop’s demand to provide you with real-time recommendations on how much to order and when. 

What vendor should I use?

You can store all of your vendor data in Fulcrum, including vendor preferences, pricing, and lead times. Having this data in Fulcrum can help you make an informed choice on who can best fulfill the order.

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