Job Scheduling

Make Late Jobs a Thing of the Past

Remember when your promise date was actually a promise, and now you just assume that customers are ok with late orders since they haven’t complained?

Automated Job Scheduling

When your jobs are scheduled perfectly, your shop flows more smoothly, customers don’t call their sales people wondering where products are, everything feels like it’s working together. Using modern analytics and algorithms, Fulcrum can help give you that feeling.

Visualization and Control

If you can see how long it’s going to take for a pizza to be delivered, shouldn’t you be able to see how much longer a job on your shop floor has to run? With Fulcrum, you’ll be able to see what’s being worked on, who is running it, and what’s up next, all in real time.

Intelligent Capacity Planning

Making the most of the people and machines you already have is the easiest way to grow your business. By looking at inventory, other higher priority jobs, and excess floor capacity, Fulcrum can help you grow without causing overwork and stress.

Not getting work out the door on time?

Sales typically doesn’t have a true understanding of what’s happening in production. Fulcrum uses current/upcoming capacity to suggest accurate delivery dates, keeping customers happy.

Constantly shuffling your schedule?

Fulcrum’s scheduling allows you to adjust orders and manage capacity on the fly, performing fast what-if scenarios to see how downstream operations/jobs are impacted, and the costs associated.

Too much WIP around the shop?

Fulcrum allows for pre-defined rules to be programmed into the auto-scheduler to batch orders, minimize change-overs, etc. to reduce the amount of WIP in the shop, while increasing overall throughput.

Paying out too much overtime?

Overtime is typically a result of either inefficient scheduling, or unrealistic deadlines. Fulcrum’s ability to auto-schedule creates the most efficient schedule possible to increase on-time deliveries while reducing overtime.

You took our whole workflow and made it so simple. I can't tell you how happy I am.


I've never worked at any other company that had software as good as this.


It's actually quite spooky that there are no workarounds in this system.