Job Costing

Understanding your true costs

Labor Details
Material Costs

Everything your company does affects cash and capital - without understanding your true costs, are you really in control of your business?

Improved Margins

Improve your margins through a better understanding of actual job costs and true market value. Too often manufacturers are slow to adjust costs resulting in lost profit (due to under pricing) or lost revenue (due to over pricing).,

Cost Forecasting

Live and accurate data collection of materials, labor, and overhead allows businesses to be proactive in responding to market demands. Markets are shifting constantly affecting raw material costs and labor costs. If costs aren’t closely monitored and maintained, businesses will fall behind under market pressures.

Take Control

Job costing analysis allows you to analyze market fluctuations as well as internal company trends. It gives you an improved understanding of employee and shop efficiency. Knowing this information allows you to make sound decisions with data to support them.

Losing money regularly, but can’t figure out where the leak is?

“A small leak can sink a big ship.” Fulcrum allows you to capture 100% of the costs of converting raw materials to finished goods.

No time to compare projected vs. actual costs?

Fulcrum compares projected vs. actual costs to determine which jobs are most profitable, and which jobs require a price change at the quoting level.

Using an accounting platform that wasn’t originally designed for the manufacturing industry?

Not every business or financial system is created equal - Fulcrum is fully-customizable so that you can capture exactly the data that is important to analyze and grow your business.

Constantly entering data from one system to the next?

Reduce the labor burden spent manually entering data from one system to another. Fulcrum uses automation to gather data and feed it to the proper systems of record.

You took our whole workflow and made it so simple. I can't tell you how happy I am.


I've never worked at any other company that had software as good as this.


It's actually quite spooky that there are no workarounds in this system.