Job Tracking

Bring It All Together

Our job tracker gives operators everything they need to do their best work: Their schedule, job details, 3D renderings, and more, all in one easy-to-navigate interface. And with everything stored safely in the cloud, there’s no risk of losing important information along the way.

See What to Do Now and What To Do Next

A personalized schedule highlights exactly what each operator needs to do and the order to do it in, while also showing them the broader shop flow, allowing them to adjust on the fly if the situation changes.

Take Your Drawings For A Spin

3D Renderings and other helpful images live right within the tracker, giving operators the ability to see key details, zoom in on tricky areas, and take on complex jobs with confidence. They can’t be dropped or lost on the shop floor like paper can, so they’re always on-hand for reference.

Quality Data You Can Easily Collect

In-process checkpoints make it easy for operators to log quality measurements at whatever intervals are necessary and the data is immediately uploaded to a secure cloud for safekeeping. Whether you need it for certification or just want to look back at how production went, you’ll never have to worry about being unable to find key data; it’s right at your fingertips.

Holding daily production meetings for updates?

Your team is busy and can’t afford to continue wasting valuable time putting a spreadsheet on the screen and reviewing line-by-line. Fulcrum gives you the ability to search for any job, understand where it is in the production process, who is working on the job, and when it’s projected to be completed.

Can’t instantly reply to customers asking for an update on their project?

Fulcrum gives employees a live look at what’s happening on the shop floor and a clear understanding of when jobs are projected to be completed so that they can provide customer updates immediately.

Don’t know if jobs are running faster/slower than anticipated?

Operators work at different speeds, and jobs often run faster/slower than times that were originally quoted. Fulcrum uses real-time data tracking to allow users in any location to see where jobs are currently stationed in the production process.

Unfinished work sitting idly in the shop?

Jobs can get held up and sit around in the production process when operators don’t have a clear understanding of where the job needs to go next. Fulcrum clearly displays the next step in the routing, and gives operators the ability to close out and reassign jobs, alerting the next individual in the process.

You took our whole workflow and made it so simple. I can't tell you how happy I am.


I've never worked at any other company that had software as good as this.


It's actually quite spooky that there are no workarounds in this system.