Special Update: Job Tracking

While we have several new features we can't wait to show you, one rose above the rest and demanded to be shown early. We're so excited about what our new job tracker will enable manufacturers to do, we had to let you know about it as soon as we were sure it was ready for prime time!

As with everything we do, we want the job tracker to be easy to use, incredibly powerful, and help everyone from the shop floor to the back office take advantage of modern technology to make their work better, easier, and more satisfying.

If you have any questions or issues with the new tracker please do email your launch team member directly or support@fulcrumpro.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to get you up and running!

A Fresh Look At Job Tracking 

Job tracking in Fulcrum was already one of our best-loved features, so why did we rebuild it from the ground up?

Simple: We knew it could be better and we weren’t satisfied with leaving it at less than the best.

The new interface — designed based on the feedback we received from users — puts the focus on what individual operators need to do, while giving them access to the schedule as a whole as well. Within each job, the drawings take center stage: 3D renderings and static images now show up big and bright, and users can spin them or zoom in for finer details. 

Take a look at the video below as Alex Troesch, our head of product, demonstrates how easy and intuitive the new job tracker is: 

New In-Process Tracking Means Better Quality Data

Whether you need in-process data for ISO certification, GMP standards, or any other type of quality management record-keeping, Fulcrum makes that process easy for operators to record and monitor, and easy to compile for later audits. 

These quality checkpoints are often exactly what keeps companies from going digital, so this is a huge step forward in digital quality management and we’re excited to be leading in this way.

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