November Updates: Price Breaks & Work Orders

Welcome to the first edition of Release Notes from Fulcrum!

If there is anything we can do to help improve your experience with Fulcrum, please let us know! Your launch team member is a great resource or you can email and someone from our staff will reach out to help.


One of our most asked-for features is now part of Fulcrum! From the pricing page, you can now set prices based on quantity ordered, so if you’re a business that offers bulk discounts, this is a way to communicate that information both to your customers and to the system


Our new work order feature will help make your production more efficient by allowing you to group up similar work across different jobs, which decreases the amount of set-up time required during the day. Once the work is grouped, you'll be able to schedule and job track it together as one unit.

Production managers can now see which operations should be grouped for maximum efficiency and each job in the operation can be given its own instructions, attachments, and quantities, so everyone knows the precise details of what needs to happen and when.

We're excited to release this, it is fully ready for its debut, but we're already working on ways to make the groupings more robust and even to offer up suggested groupings based on the jobs in your system.

Coming Soon


In the next few months, we’ll be rolling out a big improvement to our inventory system designed to give you even better insight into what you have in stock and where it came from. We know lot traceability is tremendously important to many industries, so we want to be sure that part of the system is in perfect shape before we roll it out.

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