February Updates: Scheduler Updates, Unattended Machines, Certifications & more

Welcome to the first official edition of Fulcrum release notes!

Our goal with these notes is to help keep you better informed as to what new features and updates we've added to Fulcrum and to give you the occasional sneak peak into what's coming soon. While this is the first time we've sent out these notes, we've put a few previous months in the archives to help give you a sense of what has been rolled out recently that you may have missed.

As a product-driven company, we devote the majority of our resources to making our software more powerful, more stable, and easier to use, all in service of giving you the best experience possible. We've rolled out a ton of improvements and new features in the past few months, so do check out the notes archive at updates.fulcrumpro.com.

A major focus for our team in February was the job schedule, which now boasts a cleaner UI, options for filtered views, and several other quality of life improvements that should make it even easier to take a quick look at the schedule and know exactly what’s happening on the shop floor.

As always, we have smaller features and bug fixes coming out on a weekly basis, these are the big features we think everyone should know about. Have more questions? Your launch team member is a great resource or feel free to email support@fulcrumpro.com and we’ll help you out!

Search and Filter Your Scheduled Jobs

The schedule page is all about showing you the information you need, right when you need it, so we made the schedule view more flexible. You can now search for specific jobs, machines, or virtually any other criteria and see just those results or filter your view to see only specific equipment and work centers.

Sometimes you want an in-depth look at your job schedule, but sometimes you just need to know top-level information like how many jobs are running late and how many are on-time. With the interface updates we’ve made, you’ll now be able to have the best of both worlds.

See Key Information At a Glance

On the schedule page, a cleaner grid makes everything easier to read, and late jobs are now labeled and have a red outer glow so you can easily see what needs special attention.

The redesigned schedule page flows beautifully and now offers tags for each priority level that are visible on the job cards, as well as an easy-to-read button with the percentage of jobs currently running late. Press the button to filter to late jobs automatically.

We continue to work to make the schedule as user-friendly as possible, so there’s more to come on this as well.

Choose Whether a Machine Can Run Unattended or Not

For your machines that need very little supervision or can run entirely on their own, we’ve updated our system to reflect the difference between operator time and machine time. You’ll now have the option to mark equipment, work centers, and operations as being able to run unattended in your system setup, then specify in routings whether the machine will run unattended during the production of this specific item. To help keep your schedules as accurate as possible, unattended work is then scheduled to start during regular shift hours, but can continue running after the end of normal shift hours.

This change will also change estimates in the job costing section to break out labor costs vs machine cost.

Ensure Operators Are Signed Out of Jobs When their Shift Ends

When your team is signing out of the Fulcrum Job Tracker, they’ll now be presented with a pop up that gives them a sign out button and shows them which jobs they’re still clocked into.  This should eliminate supervisor time spent correcting missed clockouts.

Basically, it’s a great way to stop data problems before they ever happen.

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind With Printable Certifications

You’re proud of your work and you stand behind its quality, now you can give your customers that same peace of mind. From both the specific job or the sales order section of Fulcrum, you can now create documents to certify the quality of your work.

Documents can be emailed as a PDF or printed off, signed, and included with a packing slip along with the goods. Either way the certification will stay with the job, making it easy to find later if necessary.

COMING SOON: Email Integration

We're putting the finishing touches on a very exciting improvement to the system you can expect to see roll out in March: email integration! Once we push the new feature, you'll be able to send an email from anywhere you can make a PDF right now. We'll have more details when it's fully ready, but it should be in your hands soon!

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