December Updates: Inventory, Lot Tracking, & Barcode Printing

Our major focus this month was squashing bugs we’d let survive for far too long, but that didn’t stop us from finishing the year strong, shipping several updates and two new features we want to let you know about.

As the year draws to a close, we hope you and your team have a restful and enjoyable holiday season and come back ready to rise again in 2021!

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A Better Back End For Your Inventory

While there isn’t much of a visual change to the inventory section, we built almost an entirely new back end architecture so that we can build a better, more capable system for you going forward.

The first element of that improvement is the lot tracking system we’ll introduce down below, but looking down the roadmap, this work had to be done before we got into serialization and other more complex inventory needs.

Improved Certainty for You and Your Customers

Thanks to that back end work, we now support lot tracking both from an inventory standpoint as well as from production. So, if lot tracking or traceability is important in terms of the products you make, we can help you give your customers the certainty that they require from you. When used, the lot ID, will appear on your packing slip to customers.

For products you’re buying to use in-house, you can also trace the lot it was purchased from. This will help with any lot analysis you need to do as well as give you and your customers better visibility into the supply chain as a whole for a given product.

More Barcodes, More Data

While our system has supported barcoding for quite some time, we were receiving feedback that many of you needed more barcodes at one time than the system could handle easily, like in receiving.

To make sure everything that needs a barcode has one, we’ve enabled the mass printing of barcodes. If you’ve got the stickers to print, we’ve got the data to print on them!

Have more questions? Your Launch team member is a great resource or feel free to email and we’ll help you as best we can!

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