October Updates: Scrap Tracking, A New Purchasing Workflow, and Completing Jobs to Stock

Our focus for the last few weeks, and our focus for the rest of the year, has been taking Fulcrum as it is today and making it the best it can be. 

We’re spending a lot of time sanding down some rough edges in the product to get rid of any reasons people might work outside the system, make it easier to train new staff, and generally give everyone using the software a great experience. 

Under the hood, we’re making thousands of tiny adjustments that will add up to a system that is faster, more robust, and more stable. 

The biggest new element to the product is the fulfillment module — you can read all about it here. What we’ve broken out below is a good example of what we’re currently working on: quality of life improvements that make Fulcrum better for everyone.

We’re making plans for a big 2022 and we can’t wait to show off what’s we've built, but we’re committed to having a strong foundation that our customers can count on to help their businesses thrive.


Tracking Scrap No Matter How It Is Generated

In an effort to both help you reach your sustainability goals and monitor your costs more effectively, we’ve changed the flow to record scrap material. Before, you had to show that rework was happening to record the scrap, but we know that’s not always the cause of scrap creation, so now operators can record it at the job level whether rework is happening or not. 

Purchase Material Directly from Jobs

Our current purchasing planning algorithm looks across all jobs, your current schedule, inventory levels, minimum requirements, and incoming purchase orders to give you a recommendation on what to buy on a shop-wide basis. We’re hearing more and more that some teams prefer to order on a job-by-job basis, so we’ve made the necessary changes on our end to make that possible. 

On the job level, you’ll now see how much is required, get a purchasing recommendation, and start creating purchase orders all from the job page — the recommendation will still take into account all the data it was using before, this is just a different workflow to get there. You won’t miss out on bulk discounts or end up with too much on order.

Customize and Autogenerate Lot IDs

To help you trace inventory, you can now autogenerate lot IDs based on configurable variables like date and purchase order ID. Head to the system setup to configure this feature.

Partially Complete Jobs to Stock

Sometimes you need to ship while some quantity of the job is still in progress. Now, on the final operation step, you’ll have the ability to add some portion into inventory in order to ship immediately. The rest of the job will stay open and running until it’s done, but you’ll be able to pick and pack what is ready to go. This is another feature that must be configured in the system setup. If this applies to you, head over to the system setup and turn this functionality on under 'job tracking setup'.

Pick Raw Material When The First Operation is Outside Processing

In cases where a job has outside processing as the first or only operation, the system will show your shipping team all the raw materials needing to be picked, their locations, and give them the ability to pick the raw material. This change streamlines workflows so you don’t need to go into the job tracker to pick.

Confirm Jobs Have the Right Quantity of Pieces Completed

To prevent jobs from being accidentally marked complete before they’ve actually fully run, we’ve added a second prompt to make sure there wasn’t an accidental press of the button. 

Coming Soon

A New, Redesigned Items Page

Over the summer, we released complete redesigns to a few of our key module and now the next major release is about ready for its time in the spotlight! 

We spent a lot of time studying how the items page is used and how we could make it more user-friendly without compromising its functionality. It’s performing really well in testing so far, so we can’t wait to release it! 

Current customers should be able to see the new page very soon.

A New Job Cost Report Functionality

To give you the clearest possible picture of your costs, we’re building a more robust reporting function that will allow you to compare different parts of your business, so you can clearly see what’s working and what needs to be tweaked to help you reach your goals.

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