January Updates: Purchase Orders, Job Tracking, Operations Setup, and Invoicing

2022 has started much the way 2021 ended: with a focus on making the product as effective as possible. The one exception was the addition of our stock take feature, which we really wanted to have ready for January inventory counts. 

This month, we’ve added several quality-of-life fixes to improve your core workflows. Here are the details: 

Connect Purchase Orders to Jobs

This new feature is designed to make it easier for Fulcrum users to tie purchase orders directly to a job, meaning the materials ordered for a specific job will be allocated specifically to it rather than entering general inventory. This adds a new level of visibility throughout Fulcrum by tying in the job ID to the purchase order and shows the associated job at time of receiving. Additionally, all purchase orders related to a job will now show on the jobs page. 

Export All Attachments from Jobs

You can now bulk export all documents associated with a job in a convenient zip file. This is particularly useful if you need to keep track of certifications. The bulk export will deliver all your underlying material certifications.

Create Default Setup and Run-time for Operations

Within Fulcrum setup, you can now add default units of measure and times to your operations. This will help to create efficiencies when creating BOM/Routing steps on items, allowing you to prefill from established defaults rather than manually entering each time. 

Pick All Inventory from Job Tracking

We’ve added a feature to “Pick All” inventory for a job, as well as a warning when items have not been picked. This will help ensure that no items are missed during the operations and streamline the picking process. 

Show Only Shipped Quantities on Invoices

This new option within Fulcrum allows you to enable a default setting to invoice only items that have shipped rather than the entire ordered quantity. This is particularly useful if you ship a lot of partial orders. This is an optional setting that can be turned on in App Settings.

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