February Release Notes: Scrap Tracking, Labels, Work Orders, Purchase Orders

February was a busy month here at Fulcrum; we’ve made a ton of progress on several fronts lately, but our work is never done! 

Our focus has stayed on making Fulcrum easier to use, so we’ve spent the start of this year working directly with some of our customers to find areas where workflows are unclear or cluttered and worked to make them better. Most of our new releases have come directly from that valuable feedback, so a big thank you to everyone who has helped us as we grow and improve!

Scrap Tracking 

It can be difficult to accurately track scrap material for shops that have complex jobs with operations running over multiple days or weeks. To help keep track of scrap over these long-run operations, we added the ability to log any scrap for the operation while the job is being worked. This will give you a more accurate and timely view of how much is being scrapped and give you a chance to make any necessary changes.

Work Orders

When using work orders, you can now pick materials related to a job rather than items tied directly to a routing step. In the Job Tracker, when job tracking against a work order, team members will now see the materials associated with the underlying jobs all organized by Job ID. The goal here is to create a more streamlined flow when setting up work orders and to make it easier for operators to efficiently pick the items that they need to complete it.

Label Sizing Options

Fulcrum users can now create fully custom sized labels for items and jobs. Before, users had to select from three available size options, but now you can select any size that makes sense for your business. The free-form sizing can be found and updated in System Data, where you can set default sizing for small, medium, and large label sizes. This allows for more flexibility to fit your shop's specific needs.

Rearranging In-Process Tracking

We’ve added the option to copy in-process tracking steps to make them easier to duplicate within a job’s routing step, and you can also more easily re-order the steps. This should help create a more efficient flow when editing routing steps.

Job-Specific PO Tracking

We've made continued improvements to associated purchase orders directly to jobs. The grid now provides you with even more information including POs for outside processing steps and other POs created from the job, PO status, and received status. This will give you a more holistic view of purchasing related to specific jobs, and give more actionable information at a glance. 

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