December Release Notes: Quoting, Equipment, and Shipping

Quote Jobs with Up-to-Date Vendor Pricing

With raw material pricing and the supply chain constantly in flux, we’ve added the ability to override material values when quoting. This new setting enables the use of current vendor pricing rather than the value of existing inventory, allowing you to plan for future jobs and not take the current inventory value into account.

The setting can be turned on by your Launch or Customer Success Manager.

Change Equipment while an Operation is Running 

We’ve introduced the ability to change equipment while an operation is in progress. We know that production plans can change and that you need a system that can adapt as quickly as you do. If the equipment in an operation needs to change, it will now automatically update the scheduler with the new capacity.

Update Shipment Information Before Shipping

When preparing to ship items, you can now make changes within the shipping records — including adding customer notes and updating packing slips — without actually shipping the item. This will allow users to have a smoother workflow within this module. 

Coming Soon:

Stock Takes - Available January 18

With input costs varying wildly, having an accurate inventory count is more critical than ever, and this is the time of year when many businesses do a physical inventory count to make sure nothing's been misplaced or miscounted over the last year. Coming this month, Fulcrum users will be able to download their current inventory levels, execute a count, and upload the modifications to start the new year off with precision.

Ensure All In-Process Checkpoints Are Completed on Operations

This enhancement will allow you to require in-process checkpoints be completed prior to completing the operation as a whole. This removes a workaround where operations could be advanced without completing the prerequisite tasks. Fulcrum users will have better control over processes and can ensure operations are completed to their standards. 

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