August Update: Multi-Currency, Receiving, Shipping, Jobs

As we turn the corner out of the dog days of summer and into the final stretch of the year, now is the ideal time to take a look at the goals you made for 2021 and what needs to be done to finish the year strong. 

For us here at Fulcrum, that means taking a look at the product holistically, listening to your feedback, and continuing to push customer driven enhancements.

Following the big push to get the new jobs page rolled out, our engineering and product teams spent time this month working on features that should make using Fulcrum more intuitive and more seamless, all to get you back to doing the work you love doing even faster. 

If you missed our previous announcement, we revamped the jobs page to put everything production teams will need to know on one easy-to-read screen. Check out the full release notes here along with a walkthrough video showing how easy the page is to use.

As always, if you have any questions about these updates or anything else within Fulcrum, please don’t hesitate to contact your launch team member or email and we’ll be happy to help.

New Multi-Currency Support

We made a major push to support currency conversions across the entire application. For anyone that needs to account for multiple currencies in their business, we’ve added the ability to set default currencies for your customers and vendors. 

Once you set their currency of choice, it will automatically show up on quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices, but be converted back to your home currency on all reporting and grids. Best of all, we’re converting currency in real-time based on live exchange rates, so you’ll never have to manually calculate it again! 

This feature requires some quick setup from your launch team member, so please reach out to them if this interests you.

Receive Material Quickly and in Your Vendor’s UoM

For businesses that receive a lot of the same item from the same vendor, now you can store their UPC code for the item within Fulcrum. This update will make scanning items in when they arrive even quicker and decrease the likelihood of receiving the wrong item into the system. 

Since the purchase order that began the receiving process likely had the vendor’s preferred unit of measurement on it, we’ve made it possible to also receive in the same UoM. This will keep the back end of the system nice and tidy while giving the employee scanning in received material one less thing to worry about. 

Navigate Shipping With Fewer Clicks and Cleaner Processes 

At the other end of the manufacturing process, when things are ready to ship out, we’ve added several quality of life updates to the shipping module. You can now add locations to the line items within the shipping interface, sort locations alphabetically, scan the item to open the line item and mark fully shipped, and scan in the lot to pick specifically from that lot. 

As with the receiving changes, these were implemented to speed up the process while decreasing the likelihood of any errors creeping.

Change the Status of Multiple Jobs at Once

To make moving jobs forward quick and painless, we’ve added a multi-select option on the jobs page as well as the ability to change the status of multiple jobs at once.

Whether you’re approving a big batch of orders or putting a bunch of new jobs on the schedule all at the same time, now you can do it without going into each individual job, saving time.

This is the first implementation of this type of mass update functionality that we plan to expand across the application. Expect more of this to come!

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