Capacity Ep.7 - Stephen Reh of Rehtek Machine

In this episode of the Capacity podcast, Fulcrum CEO Sunny Han interviews Stephen Reh, the President of Rehtek Machine Co. Rehtek is a precision machine shop servicing the aerospace and commercial aviation industries located in Westwood, New Jersey. 

When Stephen learned how to program G-codes and M-codes on the CNC in his dad’s machine shop, he fell in love with manufacturing. Previously on track to pursue dentistry, Stephen switched his major to management information systems in order to chart a career in the manufacturing field. He immediately became interested in digitizing the shop floor and his sustained commitment to embracing new technologies has enabled the company to become an industry leader today. 

Both recent college graduates, Stephen and his brother Paul decided to chart their paths as entrepreneurs and bought a neighboring machine shop operating out of a garage for $250,000. They spent their days reading manufacturing books and pouring over old engineering manuals procured from estate sales. They also got their first machines second-hand on major discounts through auctions. 

In 1991 after their military contracts dried up, they found a new niche in Kovar. Most other manufacturers were afraid to work with Kovar on account of it being difficult to machine. Eager to win contracts, Stephen booked a flight to California and took meetings up and down semi-Valley. Having successfully won contracts, Stephen returned home determined to grow the business. 

Rehtek is a testament to what can be achieved through a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to continuous learning.  For a deeper dive into their evolution, commitment to quality in precision machining, and their vision for the future, tune into the episode.

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