December 14, 2023

Capacity Ep.8 - Sarah and Chris Doyle of Advanced Precision Machining & Independent Machine Company

The Father-daughter duo lead two manufacturers in Escanaba, MI: Sarah heads up operations at Advanced Precision Solutions (APS) while Chris continues to build both companies as President and CEO.

APS is a machine shop making customized products for industrial, food, and automotive customers. Independent Machine Company (IMC) is a steel fabricator for the railroad industry, holding the title of largest after-market supplier of gear cases and plows for the locomotive industry worldwide.

In this Capacity episode, Chris shares his journey from robotics to owning two manufacturers, Sarah gives insight into building a great culture, and more.

The Capacity Podcast is where small, vitally important manufacturers finally tell their stories. Hear how small business owners, entrepreneurs, and operations leaders overcome challenges to build amazing manufacturing businesses. Hosted by Fulcrum CEO Sunny Han. Listen to every episode on your favorite platforms or watch on Youtube.

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