Capacity Ep.6 - Abraham Ingersoll of Badger Metal & Machine Fabrication

Owner of Badger Metal & Machine Fabrication, Abraham (Abe) Ingersoll, shares his experiences from working in the industry to establishing his own business, emphasizing innovation, team spirit, and the importance of embracing new technologies. From the impacts of laser welding to future visions of AI in manufacturing, Abraham and Fulcrum CEO Sunny Han chat about the past, present, and future of machining and metal fabrication. Hear about the challenges and triumphs of running a business, the value of community and collaboration, and the evolving landscape of CNC machining and fabrication in an age of rapid technological advancement.

The Capacity Podcast is where small, vitally important manufacturers finally tell their stories. Hear how small business owners, entrepreneurs, and operations leaders overcome challenges to build amazing manufacturing businesses. Hosted by Fulcrum CEO Sunny Han. Listen to every episode on your favorite platforms or watch on Youtube.

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