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Finally an ERP that Knows How to Grow with You

Fulcrum is a complete platform for every department - you choose the modules you need and we customize and connect them with over 100 different integrations. Get your entire team active with unlimited user licenses and fast onboarding with direct support from Fulcrum developers.

How has Fulcrum helped?

More happened
with less

40% Capacity Improvement

Revenue doubled without needing to purchase a new production line or other

Owners are back
in control

85% Reduction in owner’s hours

Two owners each worked over 60 hours a week in the past to manage operations, sales, and production. Now less than 20 hours combined

Faster quoting led to more deals

70% Reduction in Time to Quote

Producing quotes has gotten faster and more accurate allowing for increased close rate simultaneous to increased margin

Better data led to efficiency

40% Scrap Rate Reduction

Easily searchable data and automated analysis has led to more people looking at more information, resulting in unexpected benefits

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