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Katana MRP
Katana MRP
Katana optimizes for simplicity. Good for makers and new businesses who need to begin using a digital tool to track inventory and schedule basic jobs.
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Built for growing small and medium manufacturers, Fulcrum helps you perform complicated tasks quickly — like building unified BOM & Routings, purchasing materials, and live job costing. Everything is interconnected.
Katana MRP
A rearview mirror. You can see what's happening, but you don't have any visibility into where you're going.
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Go beyond real-time and see into your future, live. Demand planning, inventory recommendations, and estimated production completion dates give you a clear path forward. Nobody else does this.
Katana MRP
For anyone who considers themselves a maker. Built for everything from a small ecommerce shop to pet food suppliers to coffee roasters.
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We work with a lot of industrial manufacturers building things from raw materials like CNC machine shops, sheet metal fabricators, and more. Created for growing companies, able to scale with you.

Faster workflows for the way you work.

Automated and dynamic scheduling

No more late jobs. Automated scheduling creates the best master schedule for all incoming orders. And as priorities shift, the algorithm reshuffles for the most on-time jobs as possible.
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Reimagine the shop floor

Interactive instructions, CAD files, custom quality checkpoints, live chat, and more help you run a tight shop. Know what to do, and get live inventory and progress insights. Stay in-the-know from anywhere.
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Fulcrum launch and customer success teams help you launch fulcrum and then continue to help with product updates
A dedicated Launch Manager helps you upload your data into Fulcrum and gives you any training you need. No billable hours, no surprises. After you've launched, customer success is your ongoing advocate for future Fulcrum updates.
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