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Don’t settle for Prodsmart. Fulcrum is advanced manufacturing software that unlocks data insights you’ve never had before — all within a modern, intuitive user interface.

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Just one click for an optimized schedule

Fulcrum’s Autoscheduling algorithm gathers live data from across your business and factors in your shop’s constraints like shifts, equipment, and operations to get the most work out the door on time. Goodbye, Gantt scheduling. Save hours every day — just click “Reschedule.”
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Truly live data in everyone's hands

Live data collects in an operator-first interface that puts 3D renderings, live chat, quality checkpoints, and more right in the hands of your employees. Job Tracking not only helps operators get WIP done, but it fuels all of Fulcrum's live insights.
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fulcrum has a different vision for the future of manufacturing

Legacy software means slow development cycles and a user experience that looks like the past, not the future.
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Continuous advancement
No other manufacturing software grows at the rate we do, and a modern SaaS model means you get those upgrades week after week at no additional costs.
Checks the boxes, but doesn't significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for you team to finish work.
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Spend less time managing production and more time making better things. We're constantly looking for ways to reduce manual tasks. Automate scheduling, get purchasing recommendations, and see estimated production completion dates — all so you can do more with the time you have.
Made for manufacturing but watered down by adjacent products in entertainment, media, construction, and architecture.
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Fulcrum is focused just on manufacturing. It's big and important enough. Our mission is to dig deep and create a connected network that helps decentralized manufacturing stay at the forefront of how things get made. Forever and always.

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No sales trickery, no false promises. Just grab some time to talk to our team and we’ll show you around Fulcrum.

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You may be wondering...

The Prodsmart login is on their website. Where is Fulcrum's?

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Fulcrum has a mix of ITAR customers and non-ITAR customers which means we have certain limitations of how we present our login experience. While this makes it harder for us to provide a login button on our website, each and every one of our customers gets their own company subdomain, making it feel more like your personalized software while reaping the benefits of multi-tenant software.

Prodsmart pricing has changed around a little bit. How much does Fulcrum cost?

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We don't charge per user like many systems do, so you never have to share seats or look for workarounds. Fulcrum’s pricing factors in the size and complexity of your business and integrations and keeps payments simple: a one-time fixed implementation fee and an annual contract. Talk to our sales team for more details.

Prodsmart is an MES. What is Fulcrum?

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There’s a lot of manufacturing software out there — ERP, MRP, MES, etc. So instead of trying to fit into a legacy category definition, we keep it simple: We deal with everything related to production, from building a quote to live job tracking to sending out the final product.

Prodsmart is used by a lot of industries. Who is Fulcrum for?

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Our focus is on manufacturers — always has been and always will be. Whether you run a metal fabrication shop, CNC machine shop, or any other type of production process for physical goods, let’s talk.

What does it take to switch to Fulcrum?

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Our in-house Launch team helps you implement Fulcrum. Your dedicated launch manager will help you port over data from your current system and get you ready to go, answering any questions you have along the way. And once you're using Fulcrum, you'll have continuous support at no additional charge. Ready to make the switch? Schedule some time with sales.