Quote, build, buy, and schedule together

When everything’s custom, sending fast yet accurate quotes can get tough. Having repeatable, scalable processes can help you take on the right amount of work. So let’s look at the first step of costing a job: the Bill of Materials (BOM).

Let the algorithms do the math

Fulcrum's one-click scheduling, capable to promise feature, and purchasing planning software.

Scheduling is just one big math problem. Your shop has different machines, shift times, job priorities, materials, and more that make scheduling tough... for a human. Fulcrum’s Autoschedule runs heuristic algorithms to find the best possible order of operations.

While quoting, calculate estimate production completion dates for orders with one-click. Doing this simulates when a job would get finished if scheduled at that moment, helping you quote accurate lead times and utilize your capacity best.

Once you’ve won the deal, Fulcrum’s Purchasing Planning algorithm tells you exactly what you need to order when, so you’re never waiting on materials to get the job started.

Communication and precise job costing for masters of precision

Top-level machinists operating on high-tech machinery and then tracking production on paper doesn’t add up. Equip your machinists, operators, and production managers with a digital tool to communicate, review instructions and measure renderings, identify and pick materials, and enter quality checkpoints that trigger warnings when out of tolerance.

Job Tracking keeps your teams on the same page and gives you access to live operation progress and costing, viewable throughout the platform and to-the-job on the Job Details page.

Job progress is synced live to sales reporting so you can answer customer questions instantly. Or, with the Customer Portal, you can give customers access to instant job progress that they can view on any browser, any time.

The shop floor interface in Fulcrum showing a CAD drawing of a helmet mold and how that job progress sends to the production manager and the customer through the portal.

Built-in quality metrics help you stop problems before they start

Building quality trust starts with tracking your process from start to finish. Fulcrum enables CNC shops to comply with quality standards with an integrated quality management systems. Uphold the standards needed to work with customers from aerospace to the DoD, and stay prepared for audits with easily downloadable reports. We support customers with all of the common requirements:

ISO, SAE, and ITAR logos.

CNC machines shops are upgrading to fulcrum

If all this sounds like you, it might be time to make the switch, too. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to implement Fulcrum; our dedicated Launch team is ready to help you take your shop to the next level. Just reach out and schedule a demo to see how Fulcrum will work for your machine shop.

See how your CNC shop runs in fulcrum

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