March Updates: Email Integration, Barcoding, Vendor Price Breaks, & more

Spring is a season of growth and planting the seeds for a strong rest of the year, and while we may not have huge cornstalks and sunflowers to show for our work, we're still working to ensure the work we're putting in now has big yields come the summer and harvest seasons.

This month, in addition to fixing bugs and adding polish to a number of features, we expanded the capabilities of several systems, particularly barcoding and scanning, to give you and your team easier access to the information you need without having to scroll through long lists to find it.

Lastly, as promised last month, we've built out our email system! We've removed an entire step from the customer communication process to help free up more of your time and make Fulcrum even more user-friendly. As always, if you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your Launch Team member or email and someone from our staff will reach out to help!

Send Emails Straight From Fulcrum

Whether you’re sending quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, or invoices, you can do it right from within Fulcrum thanks to a new email integration. Anywhere you see a pdf, you'll now see a new email button along with the download and print buttons you've always had. The email will come from your normal account and still show in your outbox, but now you’ll no longer need to save a PDF and then attach it within the standalone email program.

The system will use whichever email system you have set up, either as its own program or within your browser, and will automatically fill in a template for you to use, which can be customized to fit your business in the system data setup. The templates for the emails can be created in the system setup section of Fulcrum by anyone with access. Have no fear, you'll still be able to give it a last look before pressing send, so if you catch something you want to change, you can.

To take advantage of this feature, setup time with your launch manager or email and we’ll show you how to configure this feature for your team!

Print and Scan Labels More Easily

Our barcoding system has always been a great way to track inventory and raw materials, but we've made accessing it even more convenient! Right from the job tracking page, users will now be able to scan labels as well as print new ones when necessary. So, if you've got a long pick list of raw materials, you can scan the label from the job tracker to quickly add it to what you're working on.

Finally, we're adding QR search capability gradually to more and more grids. If you see the QR code icon next to a grid in Fulcrum, it means you can scan a QR code into that search bar!

Document with Photos Right From the Shop Floor

Whether you need photo documentation of processes and products for certification and audit purposes or just have a customer that really likes to see how production is going, now you can take and upload photos right from the job details page. The photos will stick with the job as an attachment within Fulcrum, ensuring everyone from the floor to the front office has access to them when they need them.

Save Price Break Information from Your Vendors

Fulcrum helps you price the products you're selling to your customers, but the other key element of pricing is how much you're paying your vendors for the material you need. We've updated the system to not only store the contracted prices or price breaks you've gotten from your preferred vendors on your purchase orders, but also to help advise you on how much to buy based on the PO quantity and the jobs you have scheduled.

Create Receiving Records for Customer-Supplied Material

If you're finishing a piece supplied by a customer or further adding to a piece that's in process before sending it back to them, a receiving record will now be automatically created for every piece in the BOM supplied by a customer. This way, everyone on the team knows what should be arriving in your facility soon and your production team will know when something finally arrives once the receiving team has scanned it in.

Optimize Your Schedule Around Known Downtime

You can now mark shifts and departments as unavailable to help account for planned maintenance, holidays, known staff outages, etc. This will keep your schedule as up-to-date as possible and help you account for the days and shifts work will actually get done, rather than holding your team to an idealized version of the time allotted.

Create Work Orders Faster

Since our work order function was released at the end of 2020, we've been working to make it an even more powerful planning and scheduling tool. The work orders page will now include suggestions of similar operations for you to group together as well as include the ability to group entire jobs onto work orders.

We've also taken steps to streamline the work order creation process and given you the ability to change details right from the work order creation screen. Armed with these improvements, you'll be creating work orders and maximizing your throughput in no time!

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