January Updates: External Linking, Job Approvals, Customizable Tags & more

It’s the first edition of Fulcrum Release Notes in 2021! The less said about 2020, the better, so onward and upward to better days. We hope your year is off to a great start!

Our roadmap for this upcoming year is a busy one as we look not only to ensure that Fulcrum is the best manufacturing software today, but also to lay the right foundations so that we continue to give you the best possible experience for years to come.

Here are some of the key new features we released in January. If you have any questions about the changes or feedback on others you’d like to see, email our launch team at support@fulcrumpro.com.

For previous releases, check out updates.fulcrumpro.com

Link Out To External Sources Within Job Instructions

While you can upload images directly to job instructions, we realize there are situations that warrant viewing images that were already uploaded in other locations or the ability to link out to a 3D-image viewer. Now, you can! Links will open in a new tab so you don’t lose any of your previous work. This functionality will also work in the notes field as well.

Change Equipment Right From the Job Status Page

Sometimes you need to make alterations on the fly — machines break down, plans change, etc. — but whatever the issue is, sometimes jobs need to be moved from one piece of equipment to another. Now, you can make that change from within the job status page.

Approve Jobs More Quickly and Easily

Since a review of the order and item details sometimes happens when a sales order is entered into Fulcrum, we’re no longer requiring that same level of review when users go to turn that sales order into a job. You’ll now have the option to bypass the approval process and automatically schedule jobs after the sales order is confirmed, which should greatly speed up the approval flow and get your team back to business.

Highlight Key Information With Customizable Tags

Within the job scheduler, you can now display your most important item tags, allowing you to make sure that key characteristics about a particular job are readily available to everyone from the shop floor to the back office.

We also added the option to configure a tag on the scheduler page specifically for new jobs.  This is a great way to communicate on-the-fly that a job may take more time or has unusual steps involved.

Add New Materials During Job Tracking

The BOM should be everything you need for a job, but sometimes additional or different material is necessary. When that’s the case, you can now add different materials even after the job is closed to reflect the changes made and to help keep inventory counts accurate.

February is off to a roaring start already, so don't miss next month's update!

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