April Updates: Live Operations View, Data Clarity, Rework Workflow & more

March was an exceptionally productive month for our product team with several new features going live and the groundwork laid for some great advancements on top of what we've detailed below. If we can help you get up to speed on these features or anything else about the product, please don't hesitate to reach out to your launch team member or email support@fulcrumpro.com and someone from our staff will reach out to help!

Real-Time Operations Data

Reports show you what has happened, real-time data gives you the ability to react to what's actually happening and make changes as needed. Our real-time operations view shows what's scheduled for the day on the shop floor, what jobs are late, what excess capacity you have, and more, and it's all filterable and searchable. This is the difference between driving a car using the rear-view mirror and looking out the actual windshield.

Data Clarity Enhancements

To help you get the information you need from Fulcrum as quickly as possible, we've updated the look of some of our most popular sections. Starting with quoting — which you can see below — we're improving the grids in Fulcrum to prioritize key information and communicate it more clearly. We'll be updating the whole system over the next few weeks, adding more insights, clearer callouts, and denser data, so keep an eye out for that!

Rework Workflow

Sometimes a piece isn't up to your standards and needs to be reworked, that's life. Now, Fulcrum handles reworked pieces smoothly and easily, allowing operators to flag that rework on a job is required, reopen an operation, and add specific notes about what is required. This will allow you to track for your own internal quality purposes or for ISO compliance.

PDF Design Updates:

You've likely run into a job that seemed straightforward on the surface only to have it turn out to be far more complex than they appeared. These PDF updates were that type of a job for us, so we're excited to finally get them to you!

We've updated our PDFs to be cleaner and clearer starting with quotes and sales orders. Expect updates to all pdfs in the next couple of weeks. We've added the ability to update the legal and notes sections, and we're in the process of adding more customization options for you to do on your own. In the short term, reach out to your launch team member if you'd like to make color changes to the document.

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