March Release: Historic BOM Costs, Single-Use Items, and Business Setup Updates

March’s focus was on helping manufacturers get really detailed looks at their costs and how individual pieces of work are flowing through their shop. Unfortunately, in order to get it up to the level we want, that focus has become part of April’s work as well. We’re excited to show you those changes soon, but not until they’re ready for showtime 

In the meantime, we’ve also improved several smaller functions that were causing unnecessary work for users. Take a look at a small sample of what we worked on in March:

Historical BOM Costs

When quotes and sales orders are categorized as won or lost, the cost information is now locked at the time the BOM and routing information is locked. Before this update, the costing information would pull the most current pricing information with no historical data. This will give you an accurate, historical view of your quoting and sales order activities. 

Single-Use Items

We’ve added a new function to mark items as single-use when creating a quote and a new indicator on the items page. Before this visual indicator, items would be archived once a sales order was closed without a way to identify that the item had historically been single-use. For our customers that are consistently using single-use items, this creates a cleaner view in the items grid. 

Editing Company Info 

Fulcrum users can now update their own company data within Business Setup. This means that you can make any changes to your company data directly through your Fulcrum site, rather than going through your launch or customer success manager.

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