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March 11, 2024

Updates to Paperless Parts Integration


We’ve made several updates to the Paperless Parts integration:

  1. Materials Sync - This toggle existed in the integration configuration already, but it never really worked. Enabling this will push all Fulcrum Buy items to a custom table in Paperless Parts, with pricing information as well. This table is used in the standard integration for materials selection. It does a full sync nightly, and pushes item updates every hour. This should be on for all new Paperless integrations.
  2. Sync PO documents - If you’ve have uploaded a PO document to your Paperless quote, this document is added as an attachment to the SO created in Fulcrum.
  3. Smarter routing patch - Prior to this change, if an item existed in Fulcrum already but the routing information was different (order of operations, time estimates, etc), any existing information on the routing would be lost, such as instructions, as it essentially created a new routing. This change patches the operations to keep as much information as possible.
  4. In-App Notifications - Any sync errors will now appear in the Sales Order grid notifications, with better error messages, for customers to self-diagnose when something goes wrong.
  5. Notes - Now, Customer notes are appended to the customer, Internal Manufacturing Notes are applied to the Fulcrum line item, Internal Notes are applied to the Sales Order notes, etc.
  6. Drawing Duplicates - If you have nested BOMs frequently, you may get confused because the same drawing is attached to all layers of the BOM. There’s now a toggle in the integration configuration to only add drawings to the top level item. Thumbnails of subcomponents still pull through. This loses some visibility on subcomponents, but the gain is a cleaner job without multiple duplicate attachments showing up.
  7. Sales Rep - The Sales representative on the Paperless quote gets pulled into the Fulcrum side, matching on email.