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August 14, 2023

Tooltip for Pricing Source

Sales Orders

To eliminate confusion and save users time, we have released a new feature that allows you to check the source of the price on a Sales Order or Quote by hovering over an info icon located next to the Pricing header. All you have to do is hover over the icon to see the associated pricing information!

There are currently three variations of what the info icon will display when hovered on:

- The pricing came directly from the added item. (Review the Item's Sales tab)

- The pricing came from the operations (Review the Operations for the item)

- The pricing is custom. (The price was changed from its source of origin)

A note that if the item that was added does not have any pricing data associated with it, then the icon will not appear on the Pricing field on the Quote or Sales Order. Previously, there was no indication where the pricing data on a Sales Order or Quote was pulled from, leaving users having to guess or check other pricing sources.