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November 19, 2023

Split Operations When Creating Work Orders

Work Orders

Now you can split operations from the work order creation page allowing for better clarity when using nesting software! When you split an operation, it allows you to divide the work into multiple parts — taking one operation and turning it into as many as you need to get that job done.  Simply tell the work order page how much you want to include and the work order will do the split for you. The part you want to nest is added to the work order and the remaining is still available to be worked as a standard operation or added to its own work order operation.

Here are the step to take advantage of this feature enhancement: 

  1. Make sure your operation is set to “can be split”.
  2. Assign material to the operation you’d like to split.
  3. When the sales order has been entered, move it to “In Progress”, and jobs created.  Head to Production - Work Orders and create a new Work Order.
  4. Identify the operations you would like to group per your nest.
  5. Select the operations to add them to the work order, than adjust the quantity from each job you would like to split from that original job onto the work order. Name the work order and select “Create Work Order.”
  6. You can now select the same operations for the remainder of the original job quantity to group on a separate work order for a different nest.From this point you will notice a few things. The operations at the job level will be split out based on how it was separated during the work order creation workflow.
  7. The quantity per operation should also correspond to the number added to each work order.
  8. As the work orders are completed, that split operation will be shown as complete at the job level and can be moved on through the remainder of the process.