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January 9, 2024

Pricing and BOM & Routing Data downloads + bulk updates are now available!

Business Setup

Through these downloads, you will now have access to pricing and BOM & Routing data in your Fulcrum site as well as the ability to add, delete, and change data points in bulk.


  • Download all pricing data for make and buy items
  • Delete price breaks
  • Change price break quantities, ($) amount, margin, calculation basis and currency
  • Add price breaks for new customers/vendors (also available the items template)


  • Download all BOM data
  • Delete materials associated with items
  • Change the material, the operation it is associated with and the amount required
  • Add new materials to an item (also available the items template)


  • Download all routing data
  • Delete routing steps
  • Change the order of routing steps
  • Swap the operation and/or equipment and update the setup/labor/machine time estimates
  • Add new materials to an item (also available the items template)

You can find these data downloads in Business Setup > Data Imports > Data Downloads. Further instructions are included in each of the downloads.