June 6, 2023

Item Vendor Details and Vendor Price Updates from BOM


We’ve added a couple of features to the BOM editor to make quoting and updating buy item prices more convenient for our customers: When you click on the cost number for buy items in a BOM, the cost breakdown modal pops up and will now also show a vendor grid for that buy item. From this grid, you can edit vendor pricing or add new vendors and immediately see the cost of the buy item updated on the BOM! That means you no longer need to hop between the Item page for that buy item, update vendor information, go back to the Quote or Sales Order BOM and re-add the item to get the updated cost.There is a new 'Refresh Costs'  button added to the BOM to allow user to refresh the costs in the BOM in case a vendor price or other cost has changed outside the BOM since the BOM was created.