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February 19, 2024

Introducing: Alerts 🚨


Whether it's a maintenance issue or an operator in need of assistance, cutting down the time between needing help and getting it keeps everything on track. Alerts let the right people know there’s a problem immediately.

Here’s how it works:

  • Operator triggers an alert from the Chat window in the Job Tracker.
  • Anyone with ”Receive Alerts From Job Tracking” permission receives this alert as a Real Time Notification. The alert message is also appended to the contents of the chat window.
  • Open alerts can be viewed from the Real Time Operations view in Live > Real Time
  • Operations where you can filter live operations by an Active Alerts KPI.
  • Alerts can be resolved in the Chat window in the Job Tracker. Once an alert is resolved, an Alert Cleared message is appended to the Chat window.

Configure Alerts:
Alert types are configurable in  Business Setup > System Data > Job Tracking Setup. This feature automatically starts with two preset Alerts: a Maintenance Alert and a Help Request Alert. You can customize Alerts or add/delete Alert presets as you see fit.

Receiving Alerts:
Anyone with the ”Receive Alerts From Job Tracking” permission will receive alerts.