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September 4, 2023

Accessing Schedule Data via Public API


We've updated the jobs endpoint on the public API to show scheduler information.

The exact changes to the endpoints are as follows:

  • Scheduled start time, scheduled end time, and scheduled equipment ID added to the job item-to-make operation List/Read endpoints
  • Deprecated the status field in favor of statuses in the request body schema for job List endpoint so that more than 1 job status can be filtered for at a time. status is Scheduled for removal EOD 2023-10-31.
  • Added the hasIncompleteOperations parameter in the request body schema to the job List endpoint to filter for jobs with incomplete operations.

Customers who want to access the schedule information exactly as seen on the schedule page can pass the following request body into the jobs list endpoint:

{ "statuses": ["scheduled", "inProgress"], "hasIncompleteOperations": true}