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Reimagine what your ERP can do

“We’re in a fast paced business. You’ve got to be able to move. I feel like I can move very fast.”
Rodd, CT
85 Years in business

Software is holding manufacturers back, they move way faster with fulcrum

Fully implement in 6 weeks
Remove paper from the shop
See data in real time
Connect your team

Legacy Systems

Stuck on static foundations and rely on manual workarounds, paper, and extra spreadsheets
legacy manufacturing software structure


Seamless workflows from the front office 
to the shop floor
fulcrum manufacturing software structure

It's different, better, and it works. Take it from our customers:

“I love that this is all communication that doesn’t need to stop production.”
“We feel really well taken care of and it really makes the project seem doable in a more accelerated time.”
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“Your software tackles things we couldn’t find in any other software.”
“The software is doing the work of two full-time people.”

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in fulcrum

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