fulcrum is the next generation ERP for metal fabricators

"I don't even have
to get out of my chair"
Rodd, President and COO
Aldine Metal Products Corp.
85 years in manufacturing
Custom precision fabrication shop with 35 pieces of equipment including fiber laser and turret/laser with automation, press brakes, PEM insertion machines, and welders
"I don’t have to go out to a guy on the laser and let him know that this is the hottest job in the shop."
Test out the Job Tracker
Job Tracking

Our digital replacement to the paper traveler, giving you live labor time, machine time, material picking, and scrap from your shop floor

“I can sit back and look at the whole thing and just quarterback...
and it's pretty amazing."
Explore Job Costing
Job Costing

A live control panel for each job in your shop and direct connection to your shop floor

“Information in this platform has been something that’s changed everything.”
and that's just one customer...
“I love that this is all communication that doesn’t need to stop production.”
“We feel really well taken care of and it really makes the project seem doable in a more accelerated time.”
“The software is doing the work of two full-time people.”
“Building these is incredibly user friendly.”
“We’re moving into the 21st century, and this is a foundational element of that.”
“I’m liking the speed of everything and the auto-save feature. I got really excited about it!”
“If this is Fulcrum adjusting to the current market conditions, that’s impressive.”
“I’m quite impressed with how many changes I’ve seen. We’re not used to that.”
“We’re able to get our shipments in almost just-in-time for metal which is huge in this business.”
“Oh, that’s cool. Yeah, that’s gonna help us.”
“Fulcrum made the process of collecting inventory data for our CPA phenomenally easier.”

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