June Release Notes: UI Design Updates, Job Tracking, and Data Downloads

This month's release has a little something for everyone! We've been working on UI design enhancements that you'll see throughout the site, with more coming - as well as added settings and features throughout different areas of Fulcrum. Check out our full release below to see what's new!

Updated Grid Page Designs

We’ve made some enhancements to the look and feel of several grids throughout our site, including Customers, Vendors, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and Shipping. You'll see improved design and usability, enhanced performance, and some new functionality like key KPI information at the top and new ways to filter data. You'll see this same overhaul on several other grids over the next few weeks!

Set Default Tax Codes

Now you can add a default tax code at the customer level, so when a quote or sales order is created for that customer the correct tax code will automatically pull through. 

Update Material Requirements After Jobs Have Begun

It's not uncommon to need to make a change to the list or amount of required materials after the job has already started. We've made some updates to the job page to allow for adding and removing buy items from the required materials list for jobs that are in progress. This will ensure purchasing recommendations are correct and that operators are seeing the correct information in the Job Tracker.

Packing List Updates

We’ve added an option to hide items with a quantity of 0 from the pack list that were included in a sales order, but haven’t shipped yet. This essentially gives you the option to display either all items from the order on the packing slip (even those that have not shipped), or display only the items being shipped in that particular shipment. This can be enabled through Business Setup > System Data > PDFs & Email > Packing Slips.

Accounting Data Downloads

We’ve added additional data downloads to help with month-end accounting needs. These reports can be found in the Accounting module, under Reporting. 

In-Process Tracking Enhancements

This update allows for multiple users to enter responses on the same In-Process Tracking checkpoint in the Job Tracker. Current default functionality allows for multiple users to enter responses on different checkpoints, but only 1 response can be logged per checkpoint and users can see each other's entries. This new setting allows responses to be recorded per user and are all available in the job log. The operators will also not be able to see each other’s responses in the Job Tracker.  The different approaches here are really a business preference in how you want data logged when there are multiple people working on things together. This feature can be enabled through Business Setup > System Data > Job Tracking Setup.  For any advice on setup or changes to your process, consult your launch or success manager. Check out our Loom video to see how this works! 

Adding Hyperlinks to Operations

We’ve updated our operation instructions fields to support external hyperlinks to additional documents or instructions from the Job Tracker. We know there's other spots you may be storing key information and can now make sure it's easy to access for your team.

Custom Fields on Job Tracking

You can now add custom fields to jobs through the details tab on the Jobs page. The added fields can be viewed in the Job Tracker under the details tab which will help you capture any custom fields added to quotes or sales orders to be visible to operators. To setup custom fields, go to Business Setup > System Data > Custom Fields and select Job as the module.

Re-opening Closed Jobs 

Users can now reopen jobs that were closed at a quantity of 0. Jobs can be reopened from the job tracker using the “Reopen Operation” button or from the Job’s page with a newly added “Reopen Job” option. This is currently limited to only jobs that were closed at a quantity of 0 as the downstream implications of cascading inventory adjustments is much more contained in this scenario. Future updates to come to allow more adjustments post job completion.

Feedback Survey

In June, we launched our first ever in-app feedback survey to our customers! We received so much valuable feedback from our users, and are currently reviewing the feedback to identify areas for improvement. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see some updates!

Fulcrum Community

We launched our Fulcrum community to a select group of users this month! This gives us the opportunity to hear directly from our users and gain valuable insights, as well as provides a place for our users to share information and best practices - both about using Fulcrum and the manufacturing industry as a whole. We'll be continuing to add Fulcrum users to this community as we grow. If you're interested in joining, reach out to your customer success manager!

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